Friday, August 2, 2013


Just a little update on me... I haven't had chemo for almost five months now! When I stopped chemo my levels were  at 5.something and without chemo they just have been dropping slowly. They are now at .7. My doctors favorite thing to say to me is "I'm very puzzled," in her Jamaican accent. She said it's good that it is dropping on its own, but doesn't understand it and is vey puzzled. In order to be considered normal my levels need to be under .5. Origanilly, once my levels got to normal I would do an extra six weeks of chemo, but that last time I talked to my doctor she said if my levels don't go back up then I'm done if chemo. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because she has been known to change her story.

 I asked her if I could get my port out and she said no... I was bummed because it is so annoying. And every once in a while Eason will find it and start playing with's just annoying. If this cancer is going to come back, it is likely to happen in the first six months after stopping chemo. So only two more months and I'm in the clear. Then at six months, I can get my port removed!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday Boy

Eason turned one on May 20th! Crazy! Part of me thinks the year went really fast, but part of me thinks it was the longest year ever. We had Eason's one year appointment. He is a very healthy boy, which I am very thankful for. I dont know if I could have handled a sick baby this year. My baby is getting skinny! His whole life he was been above 90th percentile, but now hes down to 80. He weighs 23 lb. 9 oz. Hes gained exactly 15 pounds since he was born. Hes in the 55th percentile for height, same as last time and 100 for head, same as last time. That head comes from his dad.

We didn't really do anything on his birthday, but we had a little party in Oregon. And the night before we went to our friends house, the Alston's, and had cupcakes for Eason.

Eason's favorites: Anything outside, daddy, peaches, broccoli, iPad, opening things with his puffs, taking every single piece of clothing out of his dresser, books, magnets on the fridge, swimming, eating.

He pretty much is a happy boy unless you wipe his nose, he has to go inside from playing, or you don't give him food fast enough.

He does this face all the time

Two of favorite things...swing and popsicle. 

His latest...hes crazy. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oregon trip

Since I havent been doing chemo the last few weeks, actually it's been almost 11 weeks, my doctor okayed me to go to Oregon for two weeks! My numbers are still not considered normal, but they aren't going up. So I am doing weekly blood test and as long as everything stays the same, no more chemo. I was really scared I was going to jinx myself by saying I would have to go to the doctor or hospital for two weeks, but we did it. Nothing medical for a whole two was amazing!

 The day before we flew out we went to the Nationals baseball game with my brother Dave and his wife Emily. I think they won, I really don't know. Me and Emily walked around most of the time. It was fun though.

The next afternoon we flew out on a direct flight. Eason did really well. He slept the first hour and a half and the last hour and half. So we was only up for about three hours. He did manage to poop twice in those three hours....I swear he poops more than any baby I know.
On the flight there

Anyways, that first weekend we were there my brother Jake, his wife Brittany, their three kids, and my twin brother Nick came out from Idaho. It was nice to see them.
 Grandpa with Lorren, Nick with Eason, and Grandma
Carter, Jason, Eason, Lorren

The rest of the time there we went to the beach, went clamming, to the zoo, got Eason's hair cut for the first time, had a mini birthday party for him, and just hung out with family a lot.

Eason loved the piano at my parents 

At the zoo with his cousins, Dylan and Bailey 

His second mom while we were there, Bailey

Before: This is right when we woke up from a nap so it's really crazy.

After: He looks like such a big boy!

On the flight back was was really nervous because I was flying by myself and we had a 45 minute layover in salt lake...that's not very much time with a baby. But he did great. On the first flight he slept most of the time and stole the pretzels of the guy next to us. He acted like he got them just for Eason. Ha. And on the second flight he had his own seat which was really nice, we could move around some. But the guy next to us on that flight was like a business man and had his laptop out most of the time and Eason of course kept trying to take his mouse. And a one point I looked down and there was a puff just sitting on his nice church shoes! I was trying so hard not to laugh. I didn't tell him....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last three weeks

It's been three weeks already since my last post. My numbers are still all over the place and the doctors still don't know to do with me. It's never a good thing when you hear your oncologist say we're not quite sure what to do next for you... Um...ok.

Anyways three weeks ago my levels were at 2.7, then they went up to 4.4 and now they're back down to 2.9. I'm pretty convinced that the lab at the hospital I go to is not accurate because I have been up and down from 6-2 ever since January. Doesn't make much since to me. But good news is since they still have no idea what to do with me, I sill am not doing chemo. And my doctor approved me to go to Oregon for two weeks. So we're leaving the day after Payton gets done with finals, the 27th, and I'm going back the 10th and Payton will go back on the 4th. Payton also got a job working in the finacial office at SVU and he will start May 6th. We're going to be the managers of our apartment complex, staring May 1st. Free rent! So we have a busy few weeks ahead of us.

We have had really nice weather here lately. We bought Eason a little pool and he loves it! He didn't really get in it, he would just dunk his head. Ha. Weirdo.

And he loves the song if you're happy and you know it!

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Chemo Update

So it's been three weeks since I haven't had chemo... The first week my levels were at 5.8. The next week they jumped up to 6.8, and then on Friday they were down to 4.4. I haven't talked to the doctor about the numbers yet, so I am not sure what she is thinking. It's just weird that the numbers are up and down.

Since I haven't done chemo, I have had a lot more energy and feel a lot better. We have one more week or just blood testing and then we'll discuss with the doctor what will happen next.

Two weekends ago we went to DC with Payton's brother Brantley. Eason loved it.

My mom also sent us a  gift card, so we took Eason to McDonald's and the park.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New week, new story

Went to the doctor on Friday...AND...surprise surprise my HCG level decided to go up again. It's at 5.8. This put the doctors in a little bit of a tizzy. They decided to stop chemo for 4 weeks to see how my body reacts without chemo. They don't really know why my levels went back up. They either think its because there is an active tumor (hopefully not), a fibroid sending out false HCG, or my body is still adjusting to birth control. 

I will go in every Friday to get my blood tested, and if the levels continue to rise and they find a tumor, surgery will be done then. Then I will have 6 more weeks of chemo...and hopefully be done. My original goal to be done with everything was Christmas, then Payton's birthday (Feb. 5th), then Eason's (May 20th). Now my new goal of being done with everything is September 26th. One year after I was diagnosed. So I will be able to for sure reach that one.

I made Eason a little tie onsie for St. Patrick's Day. I just used the iron on stuff thinking that would stick enough for one day, but it only lasted until about sunday school. Ha. But he looked cute anyways!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Since I didn't do chemo last week, the doctor had me come up Tuesday to get blood work done. My hCG dropped from 3.6 to 2.5...without doing chemo!! That's a good sign. My doctor also told me that we are not going off of UNC's blood test anymore. So, we have to wait until my hCG level is below 0.5 before the last six weeks begin. So...we are hoping to be done with chemo by May.

My blood tests came back and said that I was healthy enough for chemo. But...we had a huge snowstorm and the hospital got 18" of snow! The cancer center was closed. I rescheduled my chemo appointment for Friday and this will probably be my treatment day from now on.

Here is my tech savvy baby: